Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why Can't It Be Like the Matrix?

Where you could just download what ever you needed to know, straight into your brain. I loathe reading instruction manuals. Hate, really. I've always had trouble with directions, even in school, I'd often have trouble understanding what was wanted for an assignment. The instruction manual is what has kept the sewing machine I got for Christmas, hidden away in its box. Projects have been piling up, so this afternoon I unpacked the machine and all of its accouterments.

I then felt the immediate need for a cup of ginger tea, not that I was trying to procrastinate or anything but, because I've been eating all my inflammation triggering food. Oh, and look, the kitchen floor needs swept, and I'll just wash up these few dishes.I went back and was about to open the instruction manual, and thought, "I should really blog about this." And here I am, thinking maybe I could just fly Heather up from FL, and she could show me how to use this fancy shmancy thing.

So I just watched part of the instructional dvd, and have threaded my machine and wound the bobbin. Oliver has been sitting next to me asking me questions the entire time. Now I remember yet another reason it's taken me this long to try and learn this machine. Endless, questions, and a little hand grabbing at all the attachments. I really regret donating my old, (working, industrial strength,) machine when we moved here. It would have been perfect for Oliver to tinker with...needle removed.

Okay, I tried sewing, and something is wrong with the machine. It won't even sew a straight stitch correctly, let alone a decorative stitch and no amount of tension adjusting is taking care of the problem. Ugh...sometimes I really wish I had an old fashioned, treadle operated, Singer.

In happier news, I got to meet up with my longtime friend, Sharoon, at Mountain Mojo, this morning. We hadn't seen each other since 1997!

Now you can see just how fabulous I really am.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Life is Random

So is this post. And I originally wrote it on Saturday, but our internet went out. Actually everyone in Asheville who uses Charter, lost internet, and didnt get it back until Sunday. Talk about feeling cut off. No tv, no internet...what is going on in the world?

So here is Saturdays post.

I thought I'd try painting my nails today, it's been 3-4 years since my last foray into colored nails. I opened the bathroom window, and set the bottle of polish on the sill. I uncapped the nail paint, removed the brush, and immediately started coughing. So much for that.

Just minutes ago I was laying out on our deck, getting a good dose of vitamin D, and had a perfectly composed blog post ready to write. Now that I'm inside at my computer, it's gone.

Prossecco, you've been replaced as my favorite wine, by this, jammy, delicious and dangerously drinkable, Australian Wine.

Sarah is sick with a head cold today. While I'm sad for my friend, it's been lovely for me, as we've spent the day online together, chatting about food, fashion, and television shows, all while playing Yahtzee. It's just like when she is here.
I sent her photos of my new to me, $3 boots from Goodwill, and a funky Anthropologie sweater I bought on LikeTwice.

This is the sweater lying flat. The neck is at the top, as is the left sleeve. Oliver is pointing to the right sleeve.

This is what it looks like on. I really like it. Hmm, what do you know, my zipper is down. Classy.

Speaking of fashion, would any one reading this like this evening bag? I never used it. It's made of shell and bone, and I really like it, but my life style no longer includes dressy events. Its free to a good home. Email me if you'd like it.. If no one claims it, it's going in the Goodwill box.

Sunday was The Big Love Fest. Megan had a primo spot; she and Brewier didn't get home until 9pm.

And this morning? We are having coffee and snuggles at Mountain Mojo.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Chimney Rock

We've tried twice to visit Chimney Rock, only to turn around and head home because of it being too busy; but this is the golden week in Asheville, when the majority of tourists have gone home because their kids have started school Yay! We arrived early in the day, before other visitors, but not before stopping at Mountain Mojo, for coffee. Chimney Rock has an elevator to the top, but we climbed the stairs. All 500 of them.

Sarah, I took this photo of my feet especially for you :)

Thats Lake Lure, where, "Dirty Dancing," was filmed.

For once, I planned ahead and brought a picnic.

There were lots of rocks and boulders to climb after eating. See my tiny family down there?

King of the mountain.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I've been wanting to try and give Brewier a faux hawk for sometime, and since he is currently unemployed, it proved to be a good time to give it a try.

While not quite what I was aiming for, it isn't horrible.

I stopped in TJMax yesterday and came across this pair of shoes, for $50.

They're very similar to my more expensive, and still returnable, Sam Edelman shoes...but I don't really love them like the S.E. shoes pictured below. What do you think Sarah? Yes? No? After all, I don't have the opportunity to wear heels very often.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Must Make Money.

Yesterday was a busy day. We finally had our garage sale, and while we did okay, we didn't get nearly as much traffic, or sales, here on top of the mountain, as we did downtown. There's a big pile of stuff in the driveway, including a dining room table and chairs, for The Salvation Army to pick up. After the sale Megan did a practice set up for next weekend, and The Big Love Fest. While she was busy with that, Oliver striped naked and took a swim in the fish pond. I'd been wondering how long it would take before that happened.

I was hoping to make enough money to buy this. We don't have a coffee maker; hard to believe, I know, considering at one time I had 12. The problem is plastic, and chemical leaching. Espresso makers are either stainless or aluminum. This is the Espresso maker Im lusting after. It gets great reviews AND it's pretty.Its also on sale, but still unaffordable, even though its one of the cheaper ones. Maybe if I stopped buying cofee for a year I could save up....yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Can You Handle Some More Randomness?

There's nothing quite like being at the very busy Biltmore, and your grandson asks to be picked up, only to have him scream, "MY PENIS! MY PENIS!" when you do.

I spent an entire day, organizing my craft and sewing supplies. I think I spend more time organizing than I do crafting...I may actually enjoy the organizing more than the crafting.

He's three. This is what I get when I ask to take his picture.

We are having a garage sale tomorrow. Yes, another one.

While I haven't heard anything about how my mom is doing today, yesterday post surgery, she was doing great.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Like to Get High.

Megan has been working all week on editing over 300 of her Etsy listings, it's tedious, time consuming work. To make her day a bit easier, we whisked Oliver away to the mountains. Brewier and I had been planning a trip to Grandfather Mountain, and the mile high swinging bridge, and yesterdays weather was perfect. Asheville it was perfect. We drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at Mount Mitchell so Oliver could experience the highest point east of the Mississippi. While I'm sure somewhere deep down inside he appreciated the views, what really had a memory making impact was climbing up some rocks along the path. Highlight of his day. Temperatures were in the 50's and it was a bit windy, up that high, but it was exciting, and very autumnal.

We weren't quite sure how to get to Grandfather Mountain, but Brewier said the Blue Ridge should get us there. Well, it wasn't getting us there fast enough, so I asked Brewier if we could get off and drive regular roads. Here's a bit of useful advice if you are ever in my neck of the woods. There is NO CELL SERVICE in the Pisgah National Forest, nor is there cell service through most of the mountains. My phone and its GPS were useless. We eventually found our way to Grandfather Mountain, only to be shocked with the $20 a person entrance fee. After our ordeal to get there, I wasn't about to turn around without walking on that swinging bridge; we were warned however, that there was a high wind advisory, and to be very careful, especially opening our car doors which could easily blow open and shut with great force. After a stop at the wild life exhibit, and smashing pennies, (Yay!) we drove to the top of the mountain. It was 59 degrees and the wind was blowing at 40-50 mph, with gusts strong enough to blow a person off balance. Having always enjoyed extreme weather, I felt invigorated. Most of the other people visiting, did not share my enthusiasm, nor did they seem to be enjoying their walk across the swinging, (and because it was SO windy, singing and whistling,) bridge.

Looking down over the center of the bridge. Those things that look like bushes? They're trees.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bits of Randomness

Brewier, Oliver and I had a bit of a vacation today, but since I'm into my second glass of Prossecco, I'll save that update for tomorrow; instead I'll share a few things I've been thinking about.
My desire for a travel trailer. I stalk Craigslist for them even though I don't have the means to buy one.
If I could travel, I'd go to the Pacific Northwest, Also on my bucket list is a drive across country on route 66.
Up until a week ago, I was really missing television. Then bombings and beheadings started becoming mainstream news, and I was really happy not being able to turn on tv.
In leiu to television, Brewier and I have been watching, "House of Cards," on Netflix. UGH. This may be fictional drama, but it makes me realize how corupt, and self serving our poiticians are.
It looks like I might finally get to meet Jane, of Pix'nProse. We became online friends ages ago, and she wil be in FL at the end of the month. Road trip!
Can you believe hurricane Charly was 10 years ago? Three huricanes in 6 weeks, 20 days without power. I'll never forget that.
I haven't bought a new purse in over two years. That's HUGE for me. But I'd really like a new handbag for the winter.
Lastly, would you say a prayer for my mom? She is having double knee replacement tomorrow morning.
This is my mom in 2006.

Monday, August 11, 2014

He's a Cool Dude, and I'm a Marshmallow

We encourage Oliver to dress himself. He still favors mismatched shoes, and always wears some sort of hat. See those cotton balls on the floor? My house is covered with them from our many, "snowball," fights.

After taking Olivers picture, he asked to take ours. All I can see in this photo is three days of gluten binging. Bleh. It's hard to stop eating it once I start, even though I know it makes me feel horrible.

I love this boy so much <3

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Faux Snow

After many fuzzy months, I made the effort and waxed my eyebrows and upper lip. I refuse to call it a moustache. I pulled out a big bag of cotton balls, ready to be saturated with alcohol for after the deed was done, and Oliver asked if he could play with the bag of, "Snowballs." A dollars worth of cotton in trade for five minutes of silence? You bet. (How do you explain to a three year old the importance of slathering molten wax on your face, only to rip it off, seconds later?)
After making my face baby soft, Brewier joined the party and taught Oliver how to make it snow.

Cotton balls have been flying through the air most of the day; breaking only for church, and the eating of pancakes. I've been craving pancakes for months, but have been disappointed with the recipes I've tried. This recipe for buttermilk pancakes however, looked promising. Oh. My. Goodness. The best pancakes I've ever eaten. Megan and I were consuming them hot off the griddle, tearing pieces off and dipping them in syrup, stuffing ourselves before the rest of our meal was done. Meg is downstairs on her bed in a coma, and I am reclining on the sofa, feeling like I'm about to explode out of my skin.
Those panckaes were so worth it.