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Friday, April 22, 2016

My Bed Still Sees a Lot of Action.

Case in point; this morning...well into the afternoon. Breakfast and books in bed. I ended up sitting in a chair.

I told Oliver he could have one rice krispie treat.

Yesterday I mourned Prince in my raspberry beret.

Spring is out in full force here. It's always a surprise when we move into a new house, and spring arrives. We never know what our yard will look like.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

40 Years of Forced Friendship.

Nobody is forcing now, but back when we were 14, our moms decided we should be friends. We went to the same church, and we each have three younger brothers. Thats it. We have nothing else in common; our personalities and interests are polar opposites, but 40 years later...still friends. Terri and Tricia, (yes, she is named after me,) came to Asheville to celebrate Tricia's 21st birthday. I hadn't spoken to Terri in six years, but we picked up like we'd seen each other yeaterday. That's just the way our friendship is.

The bracelet I made Tricia.

We visited the Biltmore, went to two glass blowing studios, rode the Blueridge Paarkway, to Craggy Gardens, and did alot of walking downtown. We even had a couple of bears come to play in our backyard, for our guests. The day after my friends arrived, Megans dearest friend, Shirlee, arrived for a weeks visit, so we have had a full and happy house.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Asheville Today.

This has actually been in the window of a shop since we moved here three years ago. What does the shop sell? I have no idea; I'm too distracted by this photo. Do you see the look of confusion on her face? All I can think is, "Someone teach this poor woman how to put on fishnet stockings."

Look at his beautiful honey from the Bee Charmer shop.

Trade and Lore Coffee is having their soft opening. If you live in or around Asheville, you must go. Delicious coffee, warm and inviting interiors, and oh so friendly baristas. They even carry Olivers hard to find, gluten and dairy free cake.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


This morning while doing dishes, I spent 30 seconds trying to wash a red stain off a soup ladle, before realizing it was a reflection of my red shirt.

My hair is sad. It hasn't been cut since January, so I took matters scissors into my own hands. Now it looks sad and style free. This guy looks cute even while rocking the bedhead.

Rainy morning breakfast.

Green is the color of the day.

Teaching Oliver important fire starting skills.

Wanderlust. I still have it, and the pacific northwest still has a pull on me, as does California.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Weekends Look LIke This.

Last weekend Brewier had a meeting in Maggie Valley, and I went along for the ride, and the opportunity to check out a couple of Breweries in Waynesville, a nearby town. Our first stop was on Main St at Boojum. They not only make delicious beer, but their food is excellent; the best shrimp and grits I ever tasted. We then went to Bearwaters Brewing Company, located in what looks like a warehouse/storage unit complex. The atmosphere was great; laid back and friendly, and the beer was really good.

This weekend we visited Twin Leaf Brewery on the south slope in Asheville. Service was friendly, but the place was full of loud college aged students, some drunk, one passed out...not our scene, but I want to try every Brewery in our area, and now I can check this one off the list. We didn't even finish our beer, but left and walked to Catawba.

Melissa and Zach came over for brunch yesterday. Zach is one of Olivers most favorite people; he put on a green shirt so they would match.


The Biltmore is beautiful and in full bloom. We did a drive through to see the gardens; there are so many people visiting that the ride is not unlike being on I-4 at rush hour, only with a prettier view.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

My Halloween Kitchen

I can't seem to escape mustard yellow walls. Our previous house had them, and nearly every house we viewed on Craigslist, will house hunting had them. What gives? Our landlord to gave us the okay to paint the kitchen, and initially I was going to paint it the same grey as our last kitchen, but this house gets light from the north, which has a very blue cast, so even warm greys appear blue. So what do I put with 1980's, orange, builder grade oak cabinets, and black/green granite?
White. I've had samples taped up for a couple of weeks now, and I pretty sure I'm going with Sherwin Williams, Natural Choice. It looks white on my walls, but is really more of a beige.
I'm showing you pictures of my dirty, unstaged kitchen, and it's lack of cabinetry and storage. After having high end, cooks kitchens, this one is a challenge. Small cabinets, only three drawers, and instead of putting a cabinet in when he extended the counter top with granite, our landlord put in book shelves. On a possitive note, the work space functions beautifully, and our landlord is in the process of replacing all of the 1980's appliances with very nice stainless steel ones.

There was a non functioning trash compactor under this counter top, which we took out. I bought a cart from Ikea, thinking I could use it as storage. It quickly became a beverage cart...we have a bit of a LaCroix addiction.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I Wasn't that Depressed.

My last post made it sound like I was really feeling down, in truth, I'm pretty happy, its just that I always have the sadness of missing my friends, with me.
I'm still working on apartments at the retirement community, and yesterday I met with one of the residents, to help her pick out new curtains and bedding for her apartment. We spent an hour and a half on the computer looking at different choices, and then placed an order, that would be delivered to her in a week. She was blown away by the technology and ease of shopping online.
Sunday Brewier and I spent the day transforming the facilities sunroom, back into a sunroom. The previous administrator had taken out the furniture and put up a waterfall, statuary, and loads of tchotchkies. Brewier had the room cleaned out, and we went to Big Lots, where everythng was 20% for the day, and bought patio furniture, and potted plants. The residents are so happy to have a place to gather.
What I haven't shared on the blog is that 2 months ago, I was depressed and frustrated, and prayed that the Lord would provide me with a volunteer oppertunity to help people who couldn't afford a decorator, decorate and organize their homes, and that I would be able to breathe when I went into their homes. I'm so happy to now be helping these maiden missionary ladies with their homes.
This past week I worked on our home a bit, and am feeling much more comfortable now that I have rearranged the living room. The hand forged mantel brackets I ordered on Etsy came in, and Brewier and I bought a piece of salvaged wood, and now I have a mantel I love. I picked up a couple of lanterns at the Big Lots sale, ($16 each!) and the oil painting Megan bought at an estate sale.

This is the before. This house was built in the '80's and there has never been a mantel! I'm not a fan of the green paint, but at least it isn't yellow or gold.

The lanterns came with the electric candles.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's a Snooze Fest.

That's how I feel about my blog lately.
I have zero energy today, which reminded me of how I constantly felt living in Florida, so I went back to my blog archives, and read April of 2006-2008. Despite being very sick, and house bound most of the time, I found my blog much more interesting and entertaining. It also made me meloncholy. I miss the beach and tropical landscape, and oh how I miss my nephews, Sam and Gator. I miss my lanai, even though it got to the point I couldn't sit outside because of all the pesticide spraying, and I miss the quirkiness of Orlando. Even though Asheville-ians are considered weird, they don't hold a candle to the folks in Florida, and yard sales...Orlando had the best yard sales, and curbside shopping. Mostly, I miss my people; friends dropping by for tea, or after work for wine. Family coming over for dinner, or stopping by on their way to Costco. Do I want to move back to Florida? No. I would most likly be dead within a year, no joke. I love Asheville and the mountains, but I'd love it more if I could have a close friend or two, living here.