Sunday, October 19, 2014

Why Can't I Just Be Fat and Happy?

Cheese plates, chocolate, and wine, oh my. Everyday I pledge to not eat dairy, sugar, or wheat. Everyday I succomb to the power of the cheese plate, olives, bread, and bottle of wine, and now, Purdy's Chocolate, mostly because everyday feels like a vacation with Brewier at home; plus it's fall, and gorgeous out; shouldn't we celebrate? I would be concerned that I had a drinking problem, except that I will only drink 19 Crimes wine, nothing else.
You will not be seeing any pictures of my outfits for a while...I can barely button my jeans. For real.
Here I am hiding in Brewiers shadow.

Oliver and I on a bridge at the Botanical Gardens.

This is why they're called the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Coffee at the Biltmore this morning.

On the back deck this afternoon. Yep, thats a bottle of 19 Crimes.

And now, I must go. The aroma of baking chocolate chip cookies calls me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Love Grey

Grey days, grey walls, and well, Grey's Anatomy.
Yesterday was grey, rainy, and blustery, with tornado warnings all day. I pretty much loved it. I spent the entire day in the kitchen and my house smells wonderful. As I type this, it is once again grey and rainy, but most of the day saw clear blue skies, and temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. I'm drinking so many cups of milky tea, it's a wonder I can sleep at night. Before the rain came Brewier and I walked up our road and cut down some Bittersweet vine. I've always wanted to live somewhere that I could do that; I'm a hunter, gatherer and crafter by nature. Today, with the, um, "help," of Oliver, I attempted to make a bittersweet wreath. I need some practice. Oliver was keen on raking up all the leaves the storm blew down, and became quite distraught when the wind kicked up and started to disturb the pile he worked so hard on. I thought he threw himself on the leaves to play in them, but no, he was trying to keep them from blowing away, and lay on top of them for at least five minutes.
Don't you love my grey walls? Brewier painted them while I was in Florida; what a surprise! I love them so much. Not only did I come home to beautiful walls, but my favorite bottle of wine was waiting for me, and the kitchen was spotless. Now that's romantic.
And Grey's Anatomy...I'm amazed it's in it's eleventh season!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Comfortably Numb.

You know how I had mentioned my mom hasn't been doing so great? Well, it's become much worse. She spent all of last week in the hospital, and was diagnosed with myelodysplasia. I blame all the meds she was blasted with. Today she was told she also has salmonella poisoning. She has gone from being very healthy, to exaggeration. While I know Dr's do their best, I also know they are the pawns of drug companies, and drug companies are not in the business of healing, but of keeping you sick and in need of more drugs. Today I realized I've been self medicating to deal with the stress. This has been my meal more times than I can count, these past two weeks.

Wine, cheese and bread; all the things that make me sick...but it's great while I'm eating and drinking. (And Sandra, that Purdys chocolate has been my dessert.Oh my goodness, is that ever good. Im not even sharing it.)

We woke up to a true autumn day, so I pulled out my boots. See how puffy my face is? That would be the wine, cheese and bread.

Where we live; it feels like a dream.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Holy Grail

I've been searching for a new coffee pot since ours gave up the ghost last winter; it was less than a year old. We've bought several since then, but they all have a really strong plastic smell and taste. I have a Chemex, and a pourover, but sometimes I want the ease of drip coffee. Today God smiled down upon me, when I found this, new in the box gem, for $5 at a garage sale.

This coffee maker produces the best coffee, but hasn't been made since the 1990's, and I always did a little happy dance when I'd come across one at a garage sale. That hasn't happened since this post in 2005.

Tomorrow morning, I'm makin' coffee! (But I'll be back at Mountain Mojo on Monday.)

Thursday, October 09, 2014


I had an entire blog post composed about my visit to Orlando, and deleted it because it was just too whiney. Suffice it to say, I get poisoned, cranky, sick, and whiney in FL.
What I did notice while in Tampa and Orlando, was, people seem nicer, and friendlier. The sunsets are beautiful, and the palm trees still make me smile. Park Ave, is breathtaking and looks like something out of a movie. I can understand why so many people love the state.
My plans for visiting friends and family were waylaid when Oliver got sick, and then I was without a car for a day because two allen wrenches became embedded in my tire, and it had to be replaced.
I had a short visit with my mom at my brother, Roger's, house. She is not doing well. Before her knee replacement, she was the picture of health, but the drugs they gave her had made her severely anemic, and given her pancreatitis. She says she feels like she is dying; and the last time I talked to her, the doctor wanted to put her back in the hospital. I'm concerned.

My handsome and sweet nephew, Nathan.

Megan, Keith and Jose...all grown up.

The view from the parking lot of Trader Joes, Winter Park.

Sarah and the other kind of wine. In this case, prossecco.

My old house. It makes me sad to see it getting run down.

The evil allen wrenches. The tire guy said he's never seen anything like it.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

I Knew Better and Did it Anyway.

But I promised Addison a new dress, so I went to Target, AND Marshalls yesterday morning before getting together with Jane and Sandra. How toxic were the stores? Well, even Addison kept telling me her eyes were doing weird things, and her brain felt funny; I was going full on space cadet, barely able to speak. (Hours later when I arrived in Orlando at Darlenes, she noticed right away I was poisoned. Florida, you are not the state for me.)
I was supposed to meet up with my Canadian friends at the beach, but my nose had gotten pretty burnt the day before, so I passed on that adventure, and the ladies juggled their plans, and were kind enough to drive to Jessicas for a visit. Unfortunately by the time Sandra and Jane arrived at , I had the beginnings of a migraine, and had become super crabby from my shopping adventure. Grrr. Sandra was ever so kind and gave me a fantastic neck and shoulder massage, which helped immensely. I really hope these wonderful, lovely, ladies can visit me in Asheville sometime. It was such a pleasure to meet and visit with them, and I think if we lived in the same town, we'd be great friends.

Addison in her new dress.

morning muffins at Target.

As I said, I stopped by Darlenes for a quick hello, then picked up fried shrimp, and met with Sarah, at Renee's house, where we are staying. After eating, we lazed on the bed and talked fashion. For hours. It was awesome.

And now, my Saturday adventures begin...with a shopping trip to Marshalls. I know better and am doing it anyway.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

My Beautiful Blog Friend.

Who I can now just call, "my beautiful friend," because we finally met! Jane flew to Tampa, from Vancouver, so Megan and I drove down to Florida to meet her. I was a bit nervous at first; what if despite our middle of the night Facebook chats, we had nothing to talk about...what if we didn't click? We did click, we did chat, and I am still so excited that I finally got to meet Jane! (And Oliver is just a bit infatuated with her.)

Oliver, and as he refers to them, "My girls."