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Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Vow to Blog Everyday Next Week.

Honestly I will. Until then, more pictures.
The azalea's are gorgeous and in full bloom here, and I have an especially brilliant bush outside my bedroom window. The flowers reflect the sun and turn my bedroom pink for a good part of the day.

Sophie practiced her coffee art on my honey latte. We're calling it, ummm... a ghost. (And if you ever go to the Beehive, I highly recommend the honey latte!)

Yesterday Megan, Oliver, and I, drove about an hour south to Flat Rock, to visit a tiny home community. I had made reservations for the open house event they were having, with food, music and fun. We got there and were asked to park our car in a field at the far end of the community in a patch of really high grass, so the parking lot wouldn't get to full. We registered, then after 45 minutes of standing around listening to an old man playing around with the volume on a sound system, and no food or fun, we left. Both Megan and I got the creeps from the place, and we weren't allowed to tour any of the houses with out a scheduled, guided tour. While there were a few really cute homes, most of them looked like trailers, and the place was laid out like a trailer park...and our car was the only one that was asked to park in the north forty. Weird and creepy, I tell ya.

Yesterday was, "Party Like a Vanderbilt," day at the Biltmore. I wish I had gotten that memo; we would have all dressed up, just like these ladies.

Instead we sat and listened to the live music, while Oliver ran, and ran, and ran.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sophies Legs.

Colorful and happy; a true reflection of her personality. Oliver was so impressed by them, he decided to rubber stamp his body and create his own tattoos.

Here she is in her coffee shop, on her birthday, which was supposed to be a secret. She is too beloved not to be celebrated.

I made her a felted flower pin for her special day, then spent yesterday making a bunch more to sell at The Beehive.

I've spent this week taking it easy. What I thought were allergies, was really a cold. I'm pretty much over it, but poor Brewier is really sick; he even went to a doc in the box, today. I'm trying to convince him not to make the 7 hour drive home this weekend, and to stay at his apartment and rest.

Friday, April 17, 2015

I've Been Feeling Pretty Crummy Lately.

It's my excuse for some of the negativity in my posts of late. Monday, it took me two hours to get out of bed. Not the, "I'll just roll over and sleep a few more minutes," kind of morning, but the, "I can't move my body to roll over and am barely breathing, kind of tired." If you have a chronic illness, you know what I mean. I saw my Dr yesterday, told him about my symptoms, including the 15 extra pounds residing around my waist, (seriously, my pants and bras fit fine, but my waist is huge!) and he is now doubling my thyroid medicine. I hope it's that easy of a fix. I had to have blood taken, and Oliver was very interested in watching the process; then today he requested to sit and watch my adjustment at the chiropractor, (who he refers to as, "the Cracker Dr," because he can't say chiropractor. My Dr was not amused with this title.)
We have had the rainiest week, but this is what the rain brings. Everything is blooming and is so fresh and beautiful. Poor Oliver has inherited most of my allergies, including hay fever, and his right eye was nearly swollen shut today.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Special Brownies.

And because I live in Asheville, I should clarify, that by, "special," I mean guilt free and healthy, not cannabis laced.
I found this recipe on Pinterest yesterday, and whipped up the brownies in no time. Even junk food eaters will like them, just don't mention that they are practically a health food.

(photo credit,

Coconut Butter Brownies

Author: Coconut Almond Recipes

8 ounces unsweetened shredded coconut (or 2⅔ cups) I used Let's Do Organic 8 ounce bag
10 medjool dates (pits removed)
3.5 ounces chocolate. I used Costco's semi sweet chocolate chips; they're very high quality
3 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp sea salt
optional - a sprinkle of sea salt before going into the oven

In a food processor add shredded coconut. Blend for 7 minutes or until you have the consistency of coconut butter
Add pitted dates. Blend for 1 minute
Break up chocolate bar and add the pieces to the processor. Blend for 1 minute
Add eggs, vanilla, baking soda and sea salt. Blend for 30 seconds
Transfer batter to a greased 8x8 baking dish
Smooth batter with a spatula
Bake at 350 for 20 - 22 minutes
Let cool for 1 hour before serving
Brownies will be soft towards the middle of the dish after taking them out of the oven. Don't worry if they look a little too soft because once the coconut butter sets they will firm up and even more when chilled in the fridge.
Store brownies in an airtight container for up to a week in the fridge and a month in the freezer. If you prefer them soft and like they were after baking and cooling then leave the brownies out for 20-30 minutes at room temp, then serve.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

For the First Time in My Life, I Have a Dream.

It looks like this.

My dear friend Renee, sent me this card last month. She understands my dream.
I want to travel, and see as much as I can, on this continent. I can't get on a plane, train, or ship, but if I have someone to pump gas for me, I can drive.

I found this on craigslist yesterday; it's filled with possibility.

now I just need $3200, and a truck.

Monday, April 13, 2015

I Don't Want To, But I Will.

Blog that is. Once I miss a couple of days, it's hard to get back to it; I've also been on a bit of an internet strike. As I've said before, I go to blogs, and they're trying to sell or promote a product, my Facebook feed is filled with, "friends," trying to sell body wraps, even Pinterest has become commercial and throws recommended products in my feed. I miss the olden days of the internet. So, yeah, I've been avoiding it for a week...except for working on watching all the past episodes of Mad Men.
Over the weekend, Brewier and I braved the crowd of tourist and went to Wicked Weed. It was like a real date. For over a year, Megan and I have been telling him that they make the best fish and chips, and now that he has tried them, he agrees. I even got him to try the Freaky Friday IPA, but he said, "It tastes like beer." Blasphemy.

We drove through West Asheville and found the HGTV urban home, that they are remodeling. I'd call it a rebuild, as they tore most of it down first. I would love to win this home giveaway!

I saw these chairs at a salvage store, (really an overpriced resale shop.) I would have never thought to use zip ties and cassette tapes to create a chair.

Brewier and I were at an estate sale and I spied these vintage mother of pearl coasters, 12 for $5. I almost didn't buy them, but they ended up coming home with me. I'm not sure what I'll use them for, but Oliver and I put painters tape on the back of them and experimented with different designs on the wall. In the end, I took them all down.

Are you as tired of looking at all these wall pictures, as I am? I thought so.

Yesterday was gorgeous, so we foolishly joined the throngs of tourists at the Biltmore. We only went to the gardens; the tulips are spectacular! Sitting at a table in the garden, answering gardening questions, was a friend of Megan's, who is a gardener at the Biltmore. He gave Megan and I each a little bouquet of flowers that he made. We then got dirty looks from everyone we passed. I imagine they thought we picked the flowers. I wanted to show everyone the beautifully wrapped stems, and ask, "Do you really think I could do that?"

And so I can be up to date, a picture from this very rainy morning, while we were at Mountain Mojo. Megan is talking to Max, our coffee buddy.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring at the Biltmore

Yesterday was overcast, heavy with the possibility of rain, and we hoped this would deter the crowds at the Biltmore, but sadly that wasn't the case. We did a short walk through the gardens, admiring the tulips in full bloom, and the rose gardens, manicured, and awaiting warmer weather. I know my photos make it appear like we were the only ones there, but that was just lucky photography.
The crowds and unruly children left us on edge, and we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Wicked Weed. As it was National Beer Day, I indulged in their, "Freaky Friday," double IPA. It was delicious, as was our fish and chips, and candied brussel sprouts with bacon lardons, (which I replicated at home today.) We made it to our car just as the rain started, and Megan steered us in the direction of Sophies' coffee shop, The Beehive Coffee Bar. Coffee, and torrential rain, makes for a lovely afternoon. Oliver sat by the front window, watching the rain, when all of the sudden lightning struck right next to the shop. Such a bright light and loud boom, I thought for sure it would scare him, but he just turned to us and asked, "What was that!?"

Want to Buy a Knife?

During my previous trip to Orlando, my big request was to go to some garage sales; unfortunately there were very few. Brewier and I did stumble across a small sale, with no other customers, and a, "free," box at the end of the driveway. Brewier made that box his first stop, as I walked up to the garage and greeted the homeowner. She was about Brewiers age, and very friendly, and I noticed she had something in her hand. She sided up to me, and showed me a swiss army, style knife. "Want to buy a knife?" she inquired; she had quite a few of them. I asked her how much they were, and when she told me that the price was a dollar, I bought one. She looked sidelong at Brewier and asked me, "So, do you think you'll out live him?" "Um...well, yeah," I replied. She then whispered conspiratorially to me, "Well, then, you need to buy a bunch of these." Puzzled, I asked why. "Well," she winked as she whispered, "I hear there's nothing a young man won't do for a knife."
So now I'm stuck, trying to figure out where to store this case of knives.

Monday, April 06, 2015

No One Can Resist the Power of the Buttons.

I've been working on my button flowers, so my desk is covered in a pile of bright buttons. No matter who walks by, the inevitably stop, to make a colorful stack of their own.

Mom and I stopped by the Biltmore gift shop, and tried on Downton Abby hats. She bought me the one I have on, and I wore it all day. It will be perfect for next winter.

Mom and Dick left early Friday morning, but I just found out that she will be flying up in May, to spend a whole week with me!

Friday night we were walking downtown, and stopped by Horse and Hero, where some of Megans' art is for sale. A gentleman just happened to be purchasing some of her work when we walked in, and was delighted when she agreed to autograph it for him. Then another man approached her with work he had bought, and asked she would sign his purchases too. It was pretty cool.

Easter morning could have been depressing, not being able to go to church, or spend the day with family, but we had invited our friends Sophie and Jess to brunch, and were so happy to have people to cook for! I hope they become regular visitors.

Oliver and I have been collecting robot parts, (trash,) for about a month now, and today he assembled his creation, and played with it much of the day.