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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Florida Face.

Thats what Megan calls it, and that is how I looked most of the time I was in Orlando. No makeup, swollen eyes, puffy face, eyelashes gone from rubbing my eyes so much. This was taken the last day of our trip; we stopped to walk along New Smyrna Beach, because it's our thing.

I got to visit with Vickie, for the first time in 2.5 years.

We spent some time at Jessica's; she is still feeling really tired, and suffering with all day morning sickness.

This is Kate's favorite cup, that she uses everyday as a water glass. It was a special gift from Monica.

I can't believe I got a photo of Clay. He's usually running around so much, I miss out.

Gator gave me this knife, that he made himself. He found the antlers on his dads farm, carved out a notch for the blade, and wire wrapped it in. He told me that this will be his next big money maker. I have no idea what his first money maker was, but at age five, his dad, Greg, went around our neighborhood, selling paper cups, full of dirt, with a lone seed pushed into the center, and called them plants. He sold out, but then he is a born salesman.

So many of the photos I took are missing from my phone. It's randomly deleting photos and I have no idea why.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello Florida.

Friday afternoon, I said to Brewier, "Lets go to Florida." "When?" He asked. "Right now," I replied. So we did, arriving in the sunshine state at 3am. I now understand how tourists feel. As I sat amidst the palm trees, sun burning my skin, breeze blowing my hair, I thought, "This is great! I could live here!" Of course, three days later, I'm red and crispy, my eyes are swollen and itchy from all the pollen, and I'm having trouble breathing. Reality bites. I am however in much better spirits, and climbing out of the pit of depression, after being able to spend time with friends and family.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice Ice Baby.

As the sleet pounded our house last night, I played that song for Oliver to dance to; he loved it, and asked for another dance party tonight.
Today we spent the day iced in; I never got out of my pj's, but that didn't deter me from baking five dozen cookies. It should have been six dozen, but I ate a lot of's a good thing I had stretchy pajama pants on.
Oliver has kept himself entertained, building things with his Mag Formers, pretending he is a robot, by putting two long boxes on his arms, (and a spider man cape,)and running around the house, karate chopping things. (I found him laying on the floor, daydreaming, when I took this photo.) He also made a special Valentine meal for us. Megan may have helped.
We also went to Kelly's potluck dinner. Normally, potlucks are an iffy thing for me, and I usually come home feeling sick, because so many people cook with mixes, creamed soups, or boxed foods. Kelly however, works as a pastry chef at one of the restraunts downtown, so most of the people attending her dinner, were chefs, or foodies. I have never had such delicious food at a potluck, and no tummy ache. Kelly plans on making this a monthly get together...oh yeah!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

34 Years...How Can That Be?

Today is my anniversary. As I've said before, I don't feel older than 32, so being married 34 years is...well, weird. I remember seeing pictures of couples, celebrating their anniversary, in the newspaper. Once they reached their 25th anniversary, all the women looked the same. Plump, going grey, grandmotherly. OMG, thats me! Brewier posted photos on his Facebook page, of us through the years. I was showing them to Oliver and he didn't recognize us; he asked, "How did you get like that?" I tried to explain to him that we used to look like that, we're just older now. He thought I was being silly. I guess we do look a bit different now.

I made a delicious mushroom tart for lunch. FYI, anyone who comes to visit me, (I'm talking to you Sarah,) is getting this tart and a glass of my new favorite prossecco. SO. GOOD.

I also made a blackberry galette, beef stew and a big pot of chili, because when the temperature is in the single digits, it's what I do.

Friday, February 13, 2015


I love this picture of Oliver. He had been watching an episode of Kipper on Netflix, where Kipper is holding an umbrella, floating on the wind. He asked if we could do that together some day, and I had to explain to him that it was a cartoon, and it wasn't really possible to float through the air with an umbrella. He decided to give it a try any way. In this single frame, it looks like his wish was fulfilled.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

....and Then I Unpacked.

I'd been toying with the idea of a trip to Florida; Brewier and I always spend our anniversary, (Feb. 15th,) at the beach. This morning we decided to make the trip, so I arranged our accommodations, texted a couple of friends, and packed my bag. Then I checked the weather and the pollen count. The weather is going to be gorgeous...and the pollen count extremely high. I remembered the reason we always spent our anniversary at the beach was because it's the only place I could breathe. If you look through previous years pictures, you'll see my swollen eyes, and puffy face. I tearfully canceled our trip, and unpacked.

Kelly, our friend and barista from Mountain Mojo, is having a potluck at her house tonight, and I'm happy I won't miss it. After reading this post on letting yourself go, at The Glamorous Housewife, I went and put on makeup; something I haven't been doing lately. Why? Lets just say menopause, and depression have hit hard, not to mention that extra 25 pounds I'm carrying around. My face, (as well as the rest of my body,) has shifted hemispheres, and makeup and clothing has become a challenge. Who is this person in the mirror? It's a bit of a downer to realize that today is as good as it gets; that it's all down hill from here. Yeah, it's a big time pity party here.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Escape From Reality.

I have been on my iPad playing some mindless game, All. Day. I never do that.
This weekend was gorgeous; it was 70 degrees and sunny here yesterday, so we ate on the back patio, and tried to soak up some vitamin D. Brewier and I took Oliver to Chimney Rock on Saturday, so he could tromp around in the woods and climb rocks. I sat on a log and drank coffee, watching my men and gazing at the mountains.
Today I pulled out some supplies so Oliver could make Valentines. That kept him busy for about five minutes. My mom called and she is off to New Orleans in the morning to ride on a Mardi Gras float and throw beads. Should my 75 year old mother really be more active than me?

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Popcorn, Scones, Blackberry Galette, and Wine.

That was my dinner last night, and yes, I paid the price by being awake with a stomach ache, from 2am-5am. The galette and wine were supposed to be celebratory treats, but ended up being consumed in despair. Brewier interviewed last week for a job he really wanted. The man who would be his boss said if it were up to him, he would hire him on the spot, but a second interview would be needed, this time with the people Brewier would be working with. That interview was yesterday, and when it was over, the boss guy said he would be in touch to set up an interview with the big boss. Brewier came home elated, until a few minutes later when he received a call saying that his peers didn't think he was experienced enough. Honestly, I think it's his age.
Despite this, he had a back up plan. Wednesday he had been contacted by a nursing home in FL, that needed an administrator stat, as the 60 year old man doing the job, dropped dead. Brewier asked if he could let them know by Friday, and they said sure. He went to call them, and had a message on his phone saying they went with someone else. We went from being happy and full of hope, to hopeless despair in a matter of minutes.

Monday, when life was looking good, we went to Mountain Mojo during a snow storm.

It seems like all the, "regulars," had the same idea, and we got to talk to people we hadn't seen since Christmas. Elizabeth was there, and Megan bought one of her robot mugs for Oliver.

I got this in the mail, from a blog/facebook friend. Its a handblown, one of a kind, pocket galaxy. It's even cooler in person.

I decided to torture myself, by making a slip cover for the ugly blue chairs. It's still sitting in my living room like this, and I can't even think about trying to slip cover the second chair.

I saw this guy riding on his motorcycle yesterday. I couldn't tell what his bike was covered in, but what ever it was, he was adorned with it too. Plastic have no idea.

This is how I found out that Jessica is expecting baby #5.

Friday, February 06, 2015

How Low Can You Go?

I'm too depressed to even blog about whats going on.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Downton is Here!

While it doesn't officially open until Friday, the costumes from Downton Abby, are already on display at the Biltmore. Brewier and I visited the estate this afternoon and it was practically empty, meaning I was able to tour the entire home, something I haven't done for at least 15 years. I was really impressed with the Downton display, I had no idea they would have such a large collection of clothing, and oh my goodness, the dresses are beautiful, and so intactly made. I probably could have gotten away with taking photos, but I really am a big chicken, so here is a link to Romantic Asheville, that has some photos of the outfits.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Two Weeks

Thats how long I've had this stupid cold. It's been 5 days since I've been able to taste or smell anything, and because my immune system is so stressed out, the smallest chemical exposure knocks me down, and leaves me lifeless on the sofa for a couple of days. While in sick mode, I've been searching to find some kind of work I can do to make a living, so I googled, "Jobs for chemically sensitive people." It brought up this article and as I read it, I kept thinking, "This describes my life to a tee." How depressing.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

If It Looks a Little Strange....

I reverted my blog back to my original template, for throw back Thursday. All the links, and, the, "What I'm doing," is from the day I saved my template. I kind of miss the old school, write my own html, blogging.
I'm feeling pretty crummy, and crabby, today...and I'm tired of not being able to taste anything. Just when I think I might be getting over this cold, BAM! I'm knocked down again. When I'm tired of being prone, I've been drawing and painting robots, for my soon to open new Etsy shop. Oliver joined me and drew his own, three legged, smiling robot.

I did escape from my prison house today to go see Sophie, at her shop, The Bee Hive Coffee House, and have an americano.

Monday, January 26, 2015

God Gave Me HGTV.

I don't pray formally anymore. I used to spend time in deep prayer, but I've let the intense spiritual side of me slip. Not being able to go to church, Bible studies, or meet with other believers has made me lazy. I wonder, is God even listening to me? I didn't pray about HGTV. I go through my daily activities, not so much praying, but conversing with the Lord, one of thoughts was, "I don't miss television, but I wish I could watch HGTV." The next day I was cleaning up apps on my iPad, and one of those, is a friends cable company app, and account, that I use when I'm in FL. I opened it it, and HGTV came on. Apparently they've started allowing some stations to be accessed through wifi. More important than having the station I wanted, is the reassurance that the Lord is taking care of me, and listening to the tiniest most unimportant desires of my heart.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where Have I Been for the Past Week?

Sick... and I'm still sick, but this didn't stop life from happening around me. Oliver turned four on Tuesday, and Brewier turned 64, on Wednesday. Sixty four. Thats a scary number to me.
Oliver had a small party with his friend Alex, and Grandma Janny flew up from Florida, to spend the week with the birthday boy.
We caught two mice, using Megan's catch and release method, where you put peanut butter on the end of a paint stick, then lay the stick on the work bench, with the peanut butter end hanging over a very high box, (mice have little springs in their feet and can jump really high!) The mouse walks out to eat the treat then falls into the box, and ta da! Brewier was trying to get it out of the box by catching it with a pair of tongs, so he could drop it in a jar and take it outside. He wasn't having much luck, so Megan put the jar into the box and the mouse hopped right in. This little mouse was so chill! He seemed happy to be in the jar, in the house, it was like he had been someones pet. I guess after welcoming him with bird seed, peanut butter and candle light, he though he was part of the family. Oliver carried him around all morning, before we drove to the foot of our hill set him free. Except he didn't want to be free, and tried his best to stay in his bottle. Eventually Brewier was able to shake him out.I was sad to see him go. The second mouse was more of what you'd expect. Once Brewier was finally able to get it in the jar, it ran in circle, kept jumping and hitting it's head on the lid, peed, pooped, and lay flat on the bottom of the jar, breathing heavily, like it was having a panic attack. I had no problem saying goodbye to that one.
While sick, I've been binge watching shows on Netflix, (The Fall!) my favorite way to watch tv, and reading books. Our library isn't that great, popular books are hard to come by, (I got really spoiled by Orange County's library system,) but I found out that most everything I want to read can be downloaded from the states' library system, through Amazon. Yay!
Okay, typing this has worn me out, so I'm headed back to Netflix.