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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Things I Would Like to Be.

An interior designer

A personal stylist

A barista

A bookbinder

He's a Picky Eater. (When Real Food is Involved.)

I bought a jelly bean game called, Bean Boozled, for everyone to play on Thanksgiving. There is a spinner, indicating what color Jelly Belly you have to eat, which sounds innocent enough, except each color has two very different flavors. A brown bean could be chocolate or dog food. A yellowish green one, could be pear, or vomit, a green one could be green apple or booger. Oliver is REALLY excited about getting to play this with his cousins, in hopes that he will get the booger flavored beans, because "Boogers taste so delicious!" I try to tell him that eating his boogers is gross, but he says they're really good.

We had a freeze last night, so the kids were all excited about the ice on the fish pond. Oliver and Clay went outside and spent the better part of an hour breaking up the ice with sticks. I went outside to check on them and Oliver was sitting at the edge of the pond, and it looked like he was eating something. "Whatcha doing Oliver?" I asked. He replied, "Maemae, is it okay to eat the ice from the pond?" I told him no, that it was dirty water, and could make him sick, and asked if he'd eaten the ice. "No" replied quickly a guiltily. Clay quickly called him out on the lie, and Oliver fessed up, telling me that the ice tasted really good, and he really wanted to keep eating it.

I think some of his outdoor eating stems from his love of the show, "Krat brothers." This summer I caught him pulling leaves off of random trees and bushes, and eating them. I told him how dangerous that could be since some plants were poisonous. "But thats what the Krat Brothers do" was his reply, so I pointed him towards my basil plant and said he could eat from that anytime...which he does quite often.

The other evening after Brewier arrived home from Atlanta, he went downstairs to chat with Oliver. Oliver told Brewier that he had chocolate candy in his room and Brewier jokingly said, "Oh good, some candy for me". Oliver replied, "No, it's special candy for mom and me" to which Brewier said, "But, I'm special". Without hesitation Oliver looked at Brewier and said, "Not that special".

Saturday, November 21, 2015

In Limbo. Again.

Waiting to move is one of the hardest things for me to do. Once I know we have a place, I'm ready to pack and get going. Moving at Christmas is especially weird; do we decorate this house and celebrate Christmas here,(do I really want to unpack all the decorations, just to pack it and move it the day after Christmas?) or do we decorate the new house and spend Christmas there? This had me in a funk yesterday, so Megan Oliver and I went downtown to Horse and Hero, the gallery in Asheville that carries Megans art. She needed to restock her work, and I wanted to grab coffee at the pop up coffee shop in the back of the store. We ended up spending two hours there, visiting with the awesome Sarah, owner of Trade and Lore Coffee, while Oliver played games, and, "helped," Justin, (owner of Horse & Hero) at the counter. It was just what I needed to clear my head.

As we walked back to the car, we passed by the new Anthropologie store, which was having it's grand opening, so of course we had to stop in. So much pretty!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time.

Today was one of those grey overcast days, that despite it being 58 degrees out, looked like it could snow at any minute. I love those kinds of days, and knew it would be perfect for going to the Biltmore to see all the Christmas decorations. We arrived at 3pm, just as most of the other guests were leaving; the best time for me to visit. We walked in the house and noticed how happy and somewhat giddy all the staff were. Presents were stacked in the atrium, and an organist was playing Christmas music on the massive pipe organ in the dining hall, and tables were being set up around the house. I correctly guessed that the employee Christmas party is this evening; such fun! We toured the house admiring the extravagant holiday decor and the 65 decorated trees. We left just as the house was closing to the public, and people were arriving for the party; luminaries had been placed along the drive, and throughout the grounds. How fun it would be to go to that party!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Remember This Desk?

Brewier found it on Craigslist, for free.

Its 3 feet by 6 feet, and weighs a ton. I didn't want it as a desk, but envisioned using the top as a dining room table, like this one.

Today Brewier disassembled the desk, and made this, with according to Oliver, help from him and God. This will look so great in our new home; I love it.

Also this weekend, we met Kelly at Sierra Nevada, where I fell off the Whole 30...which continued today, with the drinking of wine. Time to hop back on the wagon.

The reason for the wine...celebrating the signing of our lease, and a move in date of December 15th.

I saw this shirt in Goodwill, and had it not been an extra small. I would have totally bought it.

Friday, November 13, 2015

This Week,

We said goodbye to the autumn leaves. Today is crazy windy, and even the stubborn to fall leaves have blown off the trees.

We did science experiments, and art projects.

Oliver found my sprinkles and made his oatmeal into an art project.

I taught the boy to wash dishes, (he loves doing them) and I now use his newly learned skill as a reward. "Yes Oliver, if you eat all your dinner, I'll let you wash the dishes."

I bought this salt slab at Trader Joes, for 1/3 of the price they sell them elsewhere. No, I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet.

I've been dreaming of decorating for Christmas; black ceiling and twinkle lights...sigh, so pretty...except we will be moving the week after Christmas, so I will have minimal decor.

I've been thinking how much I would enjoy this living room, it is perfection. Not a floral sofa, or blue chair in sight.

And a year later I'm still lusting after this espresso maker.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Knit one...I'll purl later.

Yesterday I was in Barnes and Noble, looking at all the lovely Christmas magazines, trying to think of a way to justify spending $11 on one. (There is no way to justify that.) A woman talking on the phone was standing next to me looking at knitting magazines while talking on the phone, so I couldn't help but overhear what she was saying. She was speaking ever so sweetly to whoever was on the other end, saying not to worry about dinner, she'd make cocktails and snacks to nibble on. I looked over and smiled at her and she smiled back. When her conversation was over, she walked toward the bench I was sitting on, and I commented to her, that her evening sounded wonderful. She sat down next to me and we started chatting. She told me she was addicted to knitting magazines, and I mentioned that I had always wanted to learn to knit. She said I should check out some meet up groups, and that there was group meetin at a coffee shop on Wednesday. She didn't normally go, but she'd show up if I wanted to learn to knit, so thats what I did this afternoon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where to Begin?

It's been a busy few weeks! Ray and Jessica were here twice in the month of October, and last week, Brewier and I made a trip to Orlando, for my brothers pig roast.We got to see Ray, Jessica and the ids there too. I'm getting spoiled. After looking at a bajillion houses, we finally found a gem, up on a mountain, yet just 4 miles to the center of town. We had to increase our budget by 33%, ouch, but thats what houses are going for here. I toy with the idea of moving back to Florida, I so miss my friends, and rent is much less, but I know I'd be dead within the year.
While in Orlando I veered ever so slightly from my Whole 30 eating plan, by indulging in fried shrimp and onion rings, twice, and hot dog heaven, twice. I also ate an entire loaf of french bread each day I was there, and I have no regrets. Now that I'm home, I am once again on the Whole 30 plan...I actually looked forward to getting back to my now normal way of eating.

This is Luke, from Lineage coffee; I visited him 5 times in 4 days. He is a barista genius, and I'm counting down the days until I see him in February.

Renee gave me a fabulous haircut!

Downtown Winter Park was beautiful as always.

Gator taught me how to put a chicken to sleep, then showed me the remains of the alligator he skinned.

My nephews, and niece, Jake, Nathan and Liz.

Kate was excited that we both have sparkly grey sweaters.


For anyone wondering how Jessica gets everything done...this is her, "resting."

My bed. Its the happening place.

Mmmm, coffee.