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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I Know I Need to Blog, When My Mom Calls to Check on Me.

I'm kind of tired of being on the computer; having to sit most of the day is not as fun as it sounds. I have ventured out of the house a couple of times; we looked at eight houses over the weekend. All of them way over our budget, and all but one, outside of Asheville. The city has become tourist dependent, but is loosing it's workforce, because the average person can't afford to live here.
I'm pretty excited, as I will soon have a job. My friend Sophie is putting a kitchen in her coffee shop, and I will be her baker. I've been having a great time on Pinterest, collecting recipes to try.
Over the weekend we went to the flea market, and Megan scored some great deals. She bought 3 globes, and industrial table, and a vintage lamp.
I liked this old bus turned into a bar, and while not my taste, this old lighting fixture was interesting and oh so '70's.

Autumn is fast approaching, and Oliver has taken on the responsibility of cleaning the leaves out of the fish pond, before he feeds the fish. The fish get so excited when they see him and swim over to the corner where he stands.

I have a new favorite instagram dedicated to floors in Paris, called, Parisian Floors.

And lastly, some shots from one of the houses we looked at. It was 30 minutes from Asheville, high on a mountain. The driveway was really, really, REALLY, steep, but the house was an amazing timber frame home. (It was also $800 over budget.)

Friday, August 28, 2015

I Weigh How Much!?

I know I've been sitting around a lot lately, but when I saw the scale read 6 pounds heavier this week, than last, I knew something was up. I went to the Dr yesterday, and when he weighed me I was much less than at home, so I checked myself on Megans scale, and it lined up with the doctors. I told Brewier that we need to pitch our scale and get a new one. He replied that our scale wasn't that old...umm, we've had it thirteen years, I think we are justified in purchasing a new scale.

Our house hunt continues; it's so discouraging, especially when I see how much cheaper it is to live elsewhere, but we love Asheville and have become settled here. I keep trying to divise ways that the four of us, plus Megans business, can fit in a 1400 square foot house.

We are in our pre-fall weather right now, and it is beautiful. Humidity is low and our morning temperatures are in the low 60's. I know the summer heat may return, but right now, ahhhhhh. Oliver and I are taking advantage of the beautiful mornings, by eating breakfast outside, while wearing our warm sweaters.

I was in my lounge chair napping, while Oliver created his own lounger.

This gave me such a flash back to when Jessica and Megan were little. I spent everyday sitting outside in a chair reading, while they played. Now I do that with Oliver, while watching out for bears.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Three Weeks and Counting.

Yep, still spending most of my day on the sofa. I had no idea that the recovery time for this would be so long. I looked out my window yesterday and saw this.

Is the squirrel mocking me, or being sympathetic?

Mom and Dick stopped by for a couple of days, on their way back to FL.

Brewier and Oliver watched cartoons together.

Oliver and his best buddy, Alex, had a sleepover, then went to the movie theater to see, "Inside Out;" Olivers first time in a theater.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I Don't Think Anyone is Updating Their Blog.

Yeah, it's been almost a week since I've updated. The past three weeks, everyday has been pretty much the same. Lie on the sofa, foot elevated, peek at my wound, watch something on Netflix, peek at my wound, eat the food Megan makes me, peek at my get it. Tuesday I had my stitches out, and got the pathology report from my Dr. No cancer! But, granulomas, chronic inflammation cells, and rheumatoid cells. I also found out the reason my ankle healing so slowly, is because there is no fat or tissue, just skin over bone.
Mom and Dick are here again, visiting on their way back to Florida. Tonight we watched the first two disks of, "From the Earth to the Moon." Dick worked on the Apollo lunar module, and got to ride in the vomit comet, several times; I really enjoy listening to his stories from that time.
Mom and I went out to TJmax, to buy her some NON old lady clothes. I bought yet another grey t-shirt. I have lived in two stretchy skirts and three t-shirts, ALL SUMMER, and they are worn out. I have clothes in my closet that I really like, and would be happy to wear, but they are all too small, and I refuse to spend money on larger clothes.
This weekend we have two rental houses to check out....I'm thinking part of my blood pressure problem might be stress from knowing we have to find a house, and that I have to pack up everything again. UGH.

Monday, August 17, 2015

It's My M.O.

It was bound to happen; keep me in the house long enough and I pick up a pair of scissors. I was feeling bored, and a bit better yesterday, so I cut my hair. I was inspired by this photo.

Lets over look the fact that I have baby fine, thin, wavy hair. I was convinced that if I cut my hair I would look 10 years younger, and 10 pounds thinner. Delusional I know, but I still like how they turned out. (Though this is not the greatest picture. How do all these other people take such good selfies? Maybe if I had made duck lips....)

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery, and I'm still resting on the sofa quite a bi
it. My foot isn't healing as I'd like it to, and I get tired easily. My blood pressure is giving me grief too...why is it so high?

Thursday my mom and Dick stopped by on their way to Ky, and stayed until Saturday morning; Im hoping they'll stop by again on their way home to FL.

Oliver has discovered video games. He is giddy over this one Lego game, and talks about how excited he is to play it, then when he plays the game, he does so standing with a big smile on his face.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Two Posts in One Day!

Tonight, under a crystal clear, star filled sky, Megan and I kicked back in our zero gravity chairs. After just a couple of minutes, the biggest, brightest, meteor I've ever seen, streaked across the sky. Half an hour later, the mosquitos had us running back inside, but during that short time we saw several spectacular meteors.

In other planetary news, when I die, I want this done with my ashes.

So my ankle is giving me grief, and I went to my regular Dr. I showed him the antibiotic my surgeon had prescribed, and that I never took, and he got upset and a bit angry. He said the side effects are so severe, that it should never be taken prophylactically. He intact had a friend in excellent health, who was prescribed the drug following dental work. She had such severe diarrhea, she had to be rushed to the emergency room, went into a coma and died 3 days later. The drug kills off too much bacteria in the intestines, and causes sepsis. Yeah, glad I didn't take it. I had a vitamin C IV instead, and am having another one tomorrow. Wipes out bacteria with no side effects.

People Make Me Happy

This week has been much like last week, spent on the sofa, ankle elevated above my heart. I thought I'd be crafting, and reading and getting some things accomplished while recovering, but there is little I can do in this position. Sunday, against my better judgement, I ventured out to a fair well get together for one of our beloved baristas, Daniel, and his wife Hannah; they are leaving for Israel and will be out of country for three months.

By the time I got home I was feeling pretty bad, and the following day my ankle was red, hot, and swollen...and I was running a temp. My dr gave me an rx for an antibiotic, but I put off taking it, hoping that homeopathy and lots of prayer from friends, would heal my ankle. It seems to be working, yay!

Yesterday we had a visit from long time friends, Trent and Allison, and there four lovely children. I've know Trent since he was a teenager, and after he and Allison were married, we did wine parties, and New Years Eve slumber parties, with them. I have lots of good memories with this special couple.

One thing I am able to do while recuperating, is look for houses to rent. It's a wasteland. For fun I started looking for house for sale that would meet our needs, while fun, it's a bit depressing since we can't buy, especially when you find the perfect house in the perfect location.

Friday, August 07, 2015

This Has Been My Week.

Surgery went well, and I survived all the drugs they shot into my body. My tumors, and a lot of fibrous tissue are gone, (The Dr had to scrape my ankle bone,) and have been sent off to pathology. I keep peaking at my ankle, because despite all of the swelling, it's so much smaller now, and hurts less than before the surgery.

Oliver has been my constant companion this week, never more than a couple of feet away, often sitting on the sofa with me, kissing my head, and making sure I have water, LaCroix, and a full coffee cup. He is such a sweet boy and reminds me so much of Megan at this age. Megan has been cooking me comfort food, and going out every morning to get me an americano.

Having this surgery has made me realize just how blessed I am with friends and family, praying for me, calling, and texting me to see how I am, and Brewier and Megan, who take such good care of me. I love and appreciate all of you <3

Sunday, August 02, 2015

To Those Who Follow Me On Pinterest....

I'm sorry. Oliver has learned how to search for, and pin things to his craft board, and like most of us, he got carried away by the excitement of pinning; my feed is now full of kids crafts. He was almost manic, shouting out to me, "THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!" Yeah, believe me, I know.

He's at the age when it's hard to get him not to make a face. Here is the boat we made from one of his, "Pins." His first word to me this morning were, "Lets look at Pinterest for new craftes."

We went to the Biltmore, Friday, and saw these unusual lily pads; they look like gigantic serving trays.

Megan bought a new mug, and I love it. I'd like to incorporate the colors and feel of it into our decor.

Tomorrow at 8am I'm having surgery to remove this thing. Prayers are appreciated.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Will Never Live in a Tiny House.

I thought I could, and it seemed like a perfect solution to our financial situation, (except now that tiny homes are hipster/popular, they cost as much as a traditional home.) Then, I came to my senses and realized what Brewier knew all along. I'm a nester, a decorator, and I love to have people in my home, to shelter and feed. I would be miserable in a tiny home. I still have a Pintrest board dedicated to the tiny house, I love some of the space saving ideas, but I don't see myself living in one. Oliver however, was looking at my Pintrest board and got really excited, and asked if we could build a tiny house together, so I guess I'll keep my options open...and I'm still on the hunt for a travel trailer.

These are the two photos that got Oliver very exciting about building. I can see him having a future as an architect, or builder.

Today, I may have had my arm twisted to join this merry band of friends, at the Sierra Nevada Taproom.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Goin' On.

(Marvin Gaye)

When I'm not hanging out at the Beehive or Sierra Nevada, I'm online looking for our next home. Houses are sparse; houses I can actually be in, are even rarer. At least we have 6 months to find a new place, though the thought of packing up and moving again makes me cringe. In the back of my mind is the thought that, we can move any where in the USA we want, since we don't own a home, and Brewier works interim jobs. The Pacific Northwest always pops into my mind, but now that it is supposed to be hit by an earthquake, tsunami, and fall into the ocean at anytime...maybe I'll stay in the mountains on this side of the Mississippi.

Monday, I'm having surgery on my ankle, to remove the gigantic, "giant cell tumor," I actually have two of them on my ankle now. Every time I say tumor, I hear, and say it like Arnold.

Friday is Brewier's last day of work in Hertford, NC. Next Wednesday, he starts a new interim job in Lexington, NC, just 150 miles from home. Wahoo!

We filed for bankruptcy this month. Not fun. The weird thing is, as soon as we filed, our credit score went's higher now than when we were paying on our credit cards.

Yesterday while at the Beehive, a man driving a pickup that said, "Papa Smurf," on the side of it, stopped in and asked if we wanted doughnuts. He goes to Krispy Kreme every Monday and Tuesday, buys 400 dozen doughnuts, and gives boxes of them to homeless people, and anyone else who wants them.

I was on my computer, and wanted to show Megan something. I walked all through the house, and outside looking for her, without and success. Imagine my surprise in realizing that she was asleep at my feet, in Olivers giant pile of stuffed animals.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Story of This Life.

Have you seen the videos? They're about parenting, are pretty funny, and have become pretty popular. Esther, the lovely young woman who makes these videos, is friends with Jessica, and asked if Jessica, along with her four kids, would be in the most recent video.

And of course, I had to take a screen shot of them.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Deadly Clocks, and First Dates.

Everyone has one of those, right? This morning Brewier and I went to a new flea market, here in Asheville. It was a real flea market, like you see on was fabulous. I didn't intend to purchase anything, but when I spied my dream clock, with a price tag 1/4 of what it sells for on Ebay, I snatched it up. Who cares that it's radioactive. Yes, it really is; the hands are painted with a glow in the dark radium paint, but you know how I like to live life on the edge.

Here is my beautiful, deadly, Jefferson Golden Hour.

I thought this was a great idea for an umbrella skeleton.

It was hard, but I resisted this.

Yesterday Sophie asked if we were up to anther visit to Sierra Nevada. Who am I to deny the woman an afternoon of fun?

While waiting for our food to arrive, we watched a man and woman walk in and awkwardly sit at a table. It was SO obvious that they were on a first date. We watched their entire date, from eating, to walking around outside, to sitting down in separate adirondack chairs, and ignoring each other while on their phones. I'm pretty sure there won't be a second date. It did provide us with some great entertainment though. Him, looking very Asheville, with a beard, shorts and ball cap. Her, in a very short, sheer, "naked dress," without any undergarments on. Maybe this was a blind date?

Other things going on this past week, A walk through the gardens at Biltmore,

Oliver discovered my rock collection,

We went to the downtown splash park,

Made paleo muffins,

and went for a walk on a new to us trail, in Weaverville. There we came across this sculpture, with one of my favorite quotes on it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Five Times in One Week!

Get your mind out of the gutter. Thats how many times I visited the Sierra Nevada taproom last week. Thats how many times I drank beer and ate duck fat fries, and is why I now live in stretchy skirts and t-shirts. I hadn't planned on eating there that often, but everyone who visits us wants to go to the taproom, and we've had lots of visitors.

My niece Patricia, and her daughter Remedy, traveled from KY, to spend the weekend with us. I had such a great time talking to Patricia, because she too loves fashion, and we have a similar aesthetic; I pretty much repin everything she puts on Pinterest.

Sunday instead of a brunch, we had a cookout. It consisted mostly of chips.

While here, Sophie cut my hair, and as she was cutting, my brother Ken, his wife Stephanie, and son Gavin, knocked on the door. They had been in Gatlinburg for the weekend, and drove the extra 90 minutes to visit Asheville. Ken, is Patricias dad :) And he wears a kilt.

Late Sunday afternoon, Ken and I were walking around Asheville, when I remembered our longtime friend, Glen, who is touring with the Freddie Jones Band, was playing that evening at a downtown venue. We walked to it, peeked in the doors, and saw our friend doing a sound check. Despite not seeing him since 1980, he recognized me, and we got to say hello.

So I was standing weird in that picture, because my back was hurting, and the wind was blowing my dress away from me, making me look really a balloon with a pingpong ball head.

Brewier found this desk on Craigslist, for free! Its three feet by six feet, and has really nice vintage hardware, but I think I'm going to take the top off, make some iron pipe legs, and call it my dining table.

Yesterday I dumped out all of my buttons, and started making button necklaces. Oliver, "Helped."

I found some clip on bangs on Ebay, and Meg bought a pair. Today she had our friends at the Beehive, put them on. I laughed, So. Hard.

In random news, I'm supposed to have my tumor removed August third. Yikes.