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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Tried to Tell Him it was a Dog Bed.

But he didn't care, claiming it the perfect size for himself, and now it is on his already, incredibly long Christmas list.

He was walking around the house today, looking quite misshapen and tumorous. I asked him what was in his pockets, and this is what he pulled out. The rocks are huge, and I'm still not sure how he managed to get them in his pants.

Spring is here! Our trees are budding and blooming, daffodils have sprung up everywhere, and our pond is full of tadpoles.

Impulse toys; teach them young to buy thoughtlessly. Only in the USA... so sad.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I've Never Had to Earn a Living.

I've worked before, but never to support myself, and that kind of bothers me. On the other hand, when I get past the guilt I really enjoy myself; like today. Morning coffee at Mountain Mojo, then lunch at 12 Bones with Kelly. Once I got home, I worked on button flowers, to put in Sophie's coffee shop, (I made so many my fingers are bruised and purplish,) and went through all of Oliver's clothes, putting all his outgrown things in a bag. Now, I'm helping Megan put together outfits from her wardrobe. Big time fun, in my book.

Oliver at Mojo. Kelly gave him the flower for behind his ear.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today Has Been Weird.

I'm sure it has to do with how little sleep I got last night. It was midnight before I realized that Americano at 3pm, was probably why I was still wide awake. I took some magnesium, put Netflix on my iPad, and fell into a blissful sleep around 1am, that lasted for exactly 30 minutes, when Oliver started crying out for me. I got him back to sleep fairly easily, but then my allergies kicked in. Itchy noes, eyes, lips and mouth; I ate a jar of salsa and half a bag of corn chips, trying to burn/scratch the back of my throat. I was wide awake util 4:30, then drafted off to sleep, until Oliver woke up at 6am. I wanted to cry.
I tried to be productive today, but it's like I'm in a daze. I've accomplished nothing and am sitting here wondering where the day has gone.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Beehive.

Megan has been working long hours, fulfilling orders and developing flashcards for her business. I was able to convince her to step outside into the light and gorgeous 72 degree weather we've been having. First stop was the park for Oliver to run around...and around....and around. Then we drove to Sophie's shop, The Beehive; she makes a mean americano, and her cafe is full of cute handmade goods. Oliver fell in love with this scarf, and yes, it did come home with us. He's a stylish kid.
We had so much fun visiting with Sophie, we may just make afternoon coffee part of our regular schedule.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Because Nothing Proclaims the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, like Glittered, Rhinestoned, Eggs.

I was needing to be crafty; I get depressed when I'm not making something, so I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a ten pack of hideously colored styrofoam eggs. I wasn't to concerned of what they looked like, because my goal was to transform them. A little Elmer's glue, some glitter and rhinestones, and the eggs were much more suited to my taste. I've had this glitter forever; it's Martha Stewarts brand and is extra fine, which I love, but it gets on everything. Today I walked into Mountain Mojo and Kelly looked at me and in all sincerity, asked if I got my nose pierced. No, just a perfectly placed piece of glitter, which she kindly removed from my nose, and which I noticed on her forehead a short time later. There's a reason glitter is referred to as the herpes of the craft world.

I was so pleased with how the eggs turned out, that I decided to make a silver glittered rabbit. I hunted for a plain styrofoam, or papier mache rabbit, but they were really pricey. I spotted this nicely shaped, purple rabbit, in the dollar spot at Target. Ugly; yes. But I had plans. (Why do they make so many ugly decorations?) I rubbed off as much of the purple stuff as I could, then painted glue onto the ear, and coated it in glitter. Yuck. It looked like my bunny had a terrible skin condition, so I thought I'd soak the bunny in water and try to rub all the purple stuff off. Bad idea on so many levels. First, I realized the skin on my hands was coming off. Hmmm, toxic glue perhaps? Then I noticed all the silver glitter coating my mop bucket. Glitter never goes away, so now when I mop my floors, they will literally sparkle, just not in a good way.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Week.

Inspired by Ashely @ Lil Boo Blue, to start painting again.

I used to draw a lot. These are dated 1987, which is ten years ago in my brain.

We've been having quite a few rainy days, so when it cleared a bit yesterday, Oliver and I went outside to throw a frisbee. After every throw, he would run over to a tree and lick rain drops off the branches. "It's good for my body, and makes me healthy." he proclaimed.

He's a funny kid. We were in Horse and Hero, looking at art and he insisted, "Mae Mae, I want to buy this smoking squirrel and take it home." I convinced him that taking a picture with the squirrel was just a good.

Playing games on the phone with Megan at The Beehive, and hanging out with his buddy, Alex, at Mountain Mojo.

Batgirl of Asheville.

I love animal prints, but really?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today, I Defied Death.

And the whole time I did it, Bon Jovi's, "Livin' on a Prayer," was going through my head. After my post about not feeling like myself, I had to do something to reclaim my identity, and painting my nails red was it. I can't tell you how many years it's been since my finger nails were painted, (it's been 3.5 since my toenails were enhanced with color.) I have a headache, and feel a bit wheezy, but my hands look like they belong to me now.

Do you like how I posed myself, so that I look about 20 pounds thinner than I really am?

Monday, March 09, 2015

Escaping the Snow.

Wednesday morning, I was video chatting with Monica, in Indiana, and she was bemoaning the upcoming snow storm, and freezing temperatures. Eight to ten inches of white stuff was expected, and she had to pick up her son Dominick from school at noon. As we chatted I mentioned that it was warm enough for my windows to be open, and that she should pack a couple of suitcases, put her two youngest in the van, and head to my house as soon as she picked up Dominick. She said, "Okay!" because my friends are awesome like that.
Thursday was rainy so we sat reading books, while Oliver and Dominick sat side by side, playing the Lego, Star Wars game, while Miles and Rosalie played on the floor.

Friday Megan kept an eye on the boy's while Monica, Rosalie and I went to the Biltmore.

We toured the house, saw the Downton Abbey clothing, then went on to the winery for a tasting. Monica bought a bottle of Tempranillo, which she renamed, "Elfin Banquet Wine," because that was a better description of the flavor.

Dame Maggie Smith's dress.

Saturday we took the kids to the park and Trader Joes....and, well, the rest of the day is a blur of little people activity.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

My Granddaughter Thinks I'm Marilyn Monroe.

It's pretty cool how kids can see you. Not just what you look like, but who you really are. I look nothing like Marilyn Monroe, but, the 1940's and '50's glam era is so very me, and Addison recognizes that. This is what Jessica posted of Facebook today.

This was such an encouragement to me today, because I'm not feeling, or looking at all like myself. Stress, menopause, and depression, have all fallen around my waistline; and as I told Brewier today, I have no reason, or motivation to get dressed in the morning.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday, Monday.

This cool vintage looking poster, at Mountain Mojo.

It was a balmy 52 degrees, so we went to the stream to throw rocks.

This guy...the epitome of cool.

He used his raisins to make my face and his, then teased me by eating my eyes, then my nose, then my mouth. He thought it was hilarious.

This sweet couple dropped by for a visit Saturday. What a treat to see Sara and Renee, in the same week.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Florida Face.

Thats what Megan calls it, and that is how I looked most of the time I was in Orlando. No makeup, swollen eyes, puffy face, eyelashes gone from rubbing my eyes so much. This was taken the last day of our trip; we stopped to walk along New Smyrna Beach, because it's our thing.

I got to visit with Vickie, for the first time in 2.5 years.

We spent some time at Jessica's; she is still feeling really tired, and suffering with all day morning sickness.

This is Kate's favorite cup, that she uses everyday as a water glass. It was a special gift from Monica.

I can't believe I got a photo of Clay. He's usually running around so much, I miss out.

Gator gave me this knife, that he made himself. He found the antlers on his dads farm, carved out a notch for the blade, and wire wrapped it in. He told me that this will be his next big money maker. I have no idea what his first money maker was, but at age five, his dad, Greg, went around our neighborhood, selling paper cups, full of dirt, with a lone seed pushed into the center, and called them plants. He sold out, but then he is a born salesman.

So many of the photos I took are missing from my phone. It's randomly deleting photos and I have no idea why.