Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Insert Something Interesting Here

Nothing exciting going on...we had a very nice weekend, sunny skies and 80 degrees; today its extremely windy, and has rained, hailed and snowed. Guess which makes me happier? Brewier took advantage of the nice weather to clean up the yard and drain the koi/tadpole pond, but not before saving some future frogs for Oliver.

Spring is here and the dofwoods are beautiful...I just hope everything doesn't freeze tonight.

It was a little cooler yesterday, 60 degrees, so we went walking. Oliver said he was too hot and insisted on taking his shirt off. He'd never make it in Florida.

Everytime I go into my closet I get depressed. Everything is too small, (and I just ate 4 cookies to comfort myself...yeah, that didnt work.) I have 2 pairs of pants, a couple of shirts and a couple of dresses, and everything is black or grey. I have vowed to put more color in my wardrobe; I'd love plums and olive green to greet me when I open my closet door. Today I went to TJMax to shop. Its even more depressing than my closet. Poor construction and not a natural fiber to be found. These were my choices at the store. Yes, there is a hot pink polo shirt. I don't do polo shirts. I'm ready to get a sewing form and start making my own clothes.

For some reason Flikr won't post my last photo, so just imagine a sea of polyester grey, white, and black with a slice of hot pink.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Maybe We Spend Too Much Time There.

Olivers daily request these days is to, "Go to the winery." Yes, he loves our trips to the Biltmore winery because if we sample wine, he gets a free glass of grape juice. The thing is; I don't really care for most of the wines there. Although they have won many awards, even the dryer wines are a bit on the sweet side, I'm assuming so that they will appeal to a broader clientel. Olivers other daily request is to, "Go back to the trees and the wild." We've beeen listening to Matt Pond, and those are the lyrics to one of his songs. I'm trying to convince Brewier to take the boy hiking up a mountian; right now the two of them are outside doing yard work
This morning Oliver helped Poppie change a flat tire. He took off, and replaced all the lug nuts...probably the highlight of his week.

The Biltmore beautiful and in full bloom now.

Crazy kids.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

This Is What My Days Are Like.

I woke up at 7 and got out of bed around 7:30...yes, I have that luxury. I made myself a cup of decaf knowing that when Megan and Oliver got up, we would go to Mountain Mojo. Until they arose, I read emails and FB, did my devotions, and started working on a sewing project that involves neck ties. Once Oliver and Megan were up and dressed, we did indeed go out for coffee, and Megans friend Melissa met up with us there. We were able to visit for 20 minutes until someone came in wearing fragrance, and I had to leave. We went to Goodwill in search of an old applience or something that Oliver could take apart and put back together; he loves using tools like Poppie. While there I bought 20 more ties for my project. We then went to the grocery store, and after a trip to the bathroom, (Oliver is potty training*) and shopping, we were just gettingin the car, when Oliver decided he needed to use the bathroom again. We cut our errands short, and after a quick stop at the bank we went home for lunch. I played with my pile of neckties, and Oliver dove in and pretended to swim in them, and I did house stuff like cleaning and dusting and picking up. At 3 I had a Dr's appointment, and when I got home I took Oliver to the park for an hour. Once home it was dinner time, and dancing in the kitchen, then at 6:30 the getleman who bought my washer and dryer came by to pick it up. Sam called to video chat with me while he did his homework, then I vacuumed and did some laundry; Oliver is going through several changes of clothes a day. I loaded the dishwasher, wiped down the cabinets, and remembered I needed to blog. That brings me to now, 9:45, and I'm waiting for, "The Americans," to come on tv, and hoping I can stay awake for the hour it is on.

*Yes, He is 3 and just now potty training, but not for our lack of trying, and the enticement of underwear like Poppies. We knew eventually it would happen and it would have to be his idea, just like when he weaned himself at 10 months. He was strictly breast fed and Megan nursed him as usual in the morning, but when he woke up from his nap he refused the breast. Megan tried to feed him but he laughed and gave her an incredulous look as if to say, "You want me to do what with that?"
So now we are potty training, and he is very excited about having underwear with a, "pocket for his penis."

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Oh Joy!

Today after having coffee, instead of driving north to go home, we headed south and went to Greenville. The goal of our trip, visit Anthropologie!

I still like their home goods, but was really disappointed in their clothing - over priced and very poorly constructed; we left without buying anything. We did drop a bit of cash at Costco though. Wine, cheese, butter and sausage, were just a few of the goodies in our cart. The prossecco I love is $8 a bottle there, versus $14 a bottle here.

Over the weekend we brought our stainless steel table into the dining room.

We went to the Biltmore winery and spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon sipping wine, (Oliver had sparkling grape juice.)

We found Oliver walking around the house with his face in between his fox stuffed animal and my mink pillow. The boy inherited my love of fur.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Beauty of an Ordinary Day.

Nothing special happened. The four of us went to the farmers market, followed by a trip to Mountain Mojo. We spent the day at home, working on little projects; I had listed some things on Craigslist and had people come by to buy them. But through out the day, we'd all look at each other and smile, and express how happy we were to be together, and what a great day it was. I'm finishing it up now by sitting with Brewier, watching U.K. play in the final four. Berry tart may play a part in the evening too.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Going to Greenville...Not So Much.

I read pollen.com like old people read the obituaries, and when I saw that Greenville, SC was in the top 5 worst cities in the nation for pollen today, we nixed our trip there, and went to Mountain Mojo instead. We haven't been to Greenville since last summer, as our main reason for going was to hit up Trader Joes and Costco; now that we have a TJ, the hour and a half trip isn't so enticing. But the city does have an Anthropologie and a Chipotle, soooo, Im sure we will be headed that way soon. Today was spent unpacking the craft room, (still!) moving art around to different walls, and posting several things to Craigslist to sell. Once I get rid of some furniture, I'll take pictures of our new home. Right now it still borders on being an obstacle course.
I was hoping to post more pictures of our stroll around downtown; but they are on Megans camera, and Im waiting for here to send them to me. Instead You get pictures of Oliver playing in the pond, that has no koi, but does have a bajillion tadpoles, in all stages of development, swimming around.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Walking Around Asheville

Downton Abbey sock monkeys in a store window. So very funny. So very Asheville.

I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but WOW!

Seriously the coolest typewriter I've ever seen.

The letters are stacked on the side and swing down when a key is pressed.

An you've got to love the name of the company that made it.

Today was Shirlees last day here. We're going to miss her!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Fat and Lazy

Yes, I know the title goes against all the positive affirmation that is so popular today but I'm just telling it like it is. Lazy for not blogging and fat as in none of my clothes fit and Im terrified to get on a scale. I blame the muffins at Mountain Mojo. Everyday I tell myself I will resist, everyday I succumb to their fluffy goodness. Oh yeah, I've also been making cookies and pies, and by making, I mean eating. It was 80 degrees here today, making me very cranky and counting down the days until fall. Alson making me cranky are the stink bugs we have by the dozen in the house, banging and buzzing around. At least they're not roaches, but how DO they get in here?
Saturday evening we had some serious wind going on and Sunday morning we woke up to an inch and a half of snow. Brewier, Oliver and I, got in the car and headed to the Biltmore hoping to see it sparkling and covered in snow. It was disappointingly bright, sunny and snowless there. Being just 200 feet higher than our previous house has made a huge difference in the weather we experience.
One of the homes on our old street had a tree blow over in the storm.

Th Biltmore is beautiful no matter what the weather. Brewier and Oliver had fun running around in the newly planted garden, while I wandered around, coffee in hand, enjoying the views.


The backside of the Biltmore.

After the Biltmore we visited the Tobacco Barn, in search of a 36 inch round table for our dining area. The table and chairs we bought just a few months ago are to large for this house, so I'm going to put them on Craigslist. I knew the style I had in mind, and this stainless steel number wasn't it.

But it was so unusual, that we bought it. Now to see if it works for me.

And because Im a dork, I took pictures of my television during John and Sarahs interview, and messaged them to her.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yes! Yes! Yes!

(To quote Meg Ryan.)
I have my new computer and can blog again! Oh the excitement! I kept trying to post from my iPad, but neither the app, or the browser would let me post. All my writing just vanished, not even saved in draft. So here is a weeks worth of catch up.
This was taken in my back yard on March 24th.

And this was what we woke up to on March 25th, which was by far the strangest day of weather I've ever experienced, (and I've lived in Tx and Fl,) and by strange, I mean awesome. Twenty minutes of brilliant blue, sunny skies, followed by 20 minutes of blinding snow and dark grey skies. All. Day. Long. Loved it.

Megan was a vendor at a science expo today. Wednesday while having our morning coffee at Mountain Mojo, (we really do go every day they are open,) She was lamenting the fact she would have to do the show alone, and how she missed her best friend Shirlee, and how great it was when Shirlee helped her with shows. We looked up tickets, messaged Shirlee, and less than 24 hours later, she and baby Joseph were in Asheville, and they get to stay a week!

We hit Mojo right after picking Shirlee up at the airport.

Brewier and I had Oliver all day today, and had so much fun. We took him to a used furniture store, and he found a child sized rocking chair. He was so excited sitting in it and rocking, happy to be in a chair that was just his size. As we walked around the store, he would go back to the chair to sit and rock, asking if we could buy it and take it to the tree house. Yes, we bought it for him and he has been sitting in it all afternoon.

I wish I could remember the rest of last week...oh well.

Tonight Sarah, John and Ethan are going to be on ABC's Nightline Prime at 10pm est. Read about it here.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Photo dump

I didn't realize this, until I reached the coffee house. Megan wore a pair just like it earlier in the week.


I resisted buying the most perfect purse.


I received my first international smashed pennies. Thank you Sarah O.!


I started a new batch of kombucha. I can't believe my scoby survived that long.


I hadn't had a pop tart since our last hurricane, so when I saw that you can buy a package of just two, I indulged.


This weekend our dining room lighting went from this horror,



To this beauty. Oliver loves it as much as I do and keeps turning the light on and commenting, " I like it, it's pretty."


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Before Facebook.

In 2002, when I started blogging, Facebook didn't exist. Instead up minute by minute updates of what you were eating, reading, or listening to, you'd list everything on the sidebar of your blog...and you also wrote all the HTML. Ah, the good old days.
I had wanted to instal my old template, sort of a flashback, but I had to return my new computer to Apple, as it was a dud. Truly I am electronically cursed...and blogging from my iPad. So instead, I'll just tell you what I'm up to.
Reading: The Tao of Willie, by Willie Nelson.
Drinking: Americanos from Mountain Mojo. Seriously the best coffee I've ever had, and you know how picky I am.
Listening: the Ben Lee station on Pandora
Eating: way too much sugar. I'm starting to resemble the muffins I consume.
Making: Beef stew.
Thinking: maybe dreading would be a better word. I went outside this afternoon and it felt so warm. I thought about opening up the house, except that it is now pollen season...acho. I went online to see what the temperature was. Forty eight degrees people. I'm going to die this summer.
This little guy was so happy this morning at the coffee house, lining rocks along the chair. Right now he's cuddling his mamma, running fever and saying he feels bad :(


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pictures Of Our Day

Frost descended on the mountain while we were having coffee.


Oliver ate lunch on the kitchen counter, watching out the window for bears, and talking about climbing the mountain with Poppy.


Does your thrift store offer you wine and cheese? Ours does.


Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Impressed With What's In His Pants.

Saturday afternoon we went walking downtown. It was a beautiful spring day,( though right now we are getting freezing rain,) and all the buskers and street performers were out in full force, including this guy on the corner. He was so still and expressionless, that we thought it might be a mannequin.


Once you put money in his tin can, he would stand up and tip his hat, still expressionless, then resume his half sitting, half standing position.


We all started wondering what kind of apparatus he had in his pants that allowed him to hold that position for hours. Very impressive indeed..

Upon returning home, we noted that our giant garbage can had been dumped over I our driveway, and the bags of trash torn open. I went into the house and out on the back deck and saw bears feasting in the backyard, on our refuse.

March 15

They were back again this morning. Our trash can is now in the garage.
Oliver has become quite the little mountain man, and is unimpressed with the bears, just as Floridians are with gators.

March 15

Friday, March 14, 2014

....It Is What I Prayed For.

When we were looking for a house to lease I had checklist that I prayed about. I wanted a house in North Asheville, not too far from the center of town, but far enough out to be away from the car exhaust pollution. I wanted to live higher up on a mountain, so we would have a view, and again, to be away from pollution. I prayed for Megan and Oliver to have their own space with a living room, bedroom, and bathroom; and for Oliver to have outdoor space to roam about and be a boy. I wanted a kitchen both Megan and I could work in, and a gas stove top. I wanted an foyer, (always important to me,) with a coat closet, and a craft room, close to the main living space, so I wouldn't be far from everyone. I prayed for a small master bathroom, and that the master would have a walk in closet. I asked for a smaller house so I would be forced to go through my belongings and eliminate things I didn't really need.
So while I've been ungrateful, whining about the challanges of this house, and the things I don't like, the Lord answered my prayer and gave me all those things I asked for.
We are getting settled in, and I'm actually enjoying the challange of decorating around yellow walls; and everyday I'm thankful they weren't painted blue. At night we can sit in the living room and look out the high modern windows and see a black sky filled with stars.
The yellow and mustard colored walls, and giant windows.


Today I hung up these curtains, (from World Market, and yes they are the same ones I bought and returned for my bedroom in the,"white house.") I'm hoping the pattern and blue/grey color will divert your eye from the wall color.


My craft room waiting to be organized. Unfortunately my craft room shlves are buried in the garage, and until I can get them in the house, my room will look like this.


I'm really hoping that by next week, all the boxes will be unpacked and out of the house, and I can take some photos.